A Day in the Life

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. I don’t normally carry Micah in the Ergo at church,
but it was my day 😉 and I was feeling extra sentimental. Wouldn’t you? He’s such a cutie!
IMG_1867Here he is enjoying meeting our neighbors dogs. I wasn’t a huge dog person growing up,
but I’m loving Chica and Spressie.
I love having my friend Kait live three doors down. It’s so awesome having another new mom, who’s going through everything for the first time, just like me, live so close. It often means like we do impromptu things.
IMG_1868Micah, Jerry made me a cute photo album for mother’s day. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes…
IMG_1876Jerry went to NY this week, which meant MOM-STYLE for me. I’m so unmotivated to get dressed when it’s just the boy and I. And like I said earlier, I may have even gone grocery shopping like that…

IMG_1869Tuesday was my bulk meal cooking with Kait. I’m so thankful for these meals. And we’re getting quicker and more efficient at it. We were done by 1, instead of 4 this time. We made four dinners, which for our tiny family of two will last us more than two meals each,
muffins, scones and dinner rolls. Can’t wait!
Friday, we finally got around to making a bag for toys that we’ve been trying to do for weeks.
Like I said, we get together a lot 🙂
IMG_1877I don’t get down to the city much. Something about my country roots, and the crowded, grumpy city folk…
So I’m impressed with myself for getting down there this week, by myself, with Micah, AND without the GPS, to have dinner with Jerry’s cousin from New Jersey. Totally worth it. She’s so nice.
IMG_1870She even brought me flowers for Mother’s Day
IMG_1823Micah’s an early riser. He’s been getting up between 7-8 all week, usually between 7-7:30. Why am I surprised? I use to get up at 6am on Saturday mornings as a kid. This week, in the afternoons, instead of complaining about Micah’s complaining (silly, right?!) I decided to embrace it. That surprisingly meant snuggles on the couch.
IMG_1872I’m loving this stage with him. He’s getting such a goofy personality. Again, go figure we’d have a jokester…
And who can resist chubby legs?! They’re so cute and… chubby!
IMG_1873We went to Lowe’s on Friday (shhh! Don’t tell anyone!) (Jerry works for Home Depot in case you didn’t know) to get stuff
for our KITCHEN REMODEL!! I decided to put in the cart, big boy style
IMG_1874And despite what it seems like he did NOT enjoy it. He can be such a wuss sometimes. Haha, only his mother can say that 😉
EEEEE! a new stove!IMG_1875Man, my old one was from the Stone Age. It had an analog clock. This one BEEPS! I even exclaimed that yesterday as I was preparing to make oven fries and the oven beeped, signaling it was done preheating. I had to make donuts this morning to try it out again 😉

Looking forward to this week’s crazy mama adventures!


One thought on “A Day in the Life

  1. Love the new oven!!! Let me know if you and Kate need a hand with the kids over the summer 🙂

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