Happy Monday!

I wish it were still Sunday. Not because I have this hate of the start of a new week, but because yesterday was just so wonderful. Great time worshipping, so impressed and encouraged by my pastor’s giving of an announcement, and a super encouraging sermon. Followed by a quiet and relaxed afternoon with the boys. And then an evening with our dear friends, complimented with steaks on-the-barbe!

And now it’s Monday. This is currently me:

photoLet’s just call this “husband-goes-on-work-trip-so-im-up-with-baby-four-times-in-the-middle-of-the-night-im-a-mom” outfit. And I can neither confirm, nor deny whether or not I wore this to Aldi this morning… And you also can’t see the spit-up on my leg. What mom outfit is complete without spit-up?

Oh well. This is my path, that God has me on, and I’m so incredibly excited for this week. I want to speak truth and encouraging words into everyone’s life, including my two boys’, and don’t want to fall in to corrupt talk.

Now to help boy #2 take his nap. So I can take mine. Or I mean exercise. Right.

Happy Monday!



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