May 13-19, 2013

As I look forward to our next week, I am choosing to be thankful for all the nights I don’t have to cook dinner, instead of grumbling about the other things I could grumble about. Actually, there aren’t really any today. It’s been a wonderful day. Thank you God. Thank you Jerry.

Monday – Jerry’s in NY, and I’m sure there’s going to be leftovers from this weekend, so I’ll just plan on eating those. That’ll be nice, because that’s the day I’ll finally be getting around to making my bulk meals with my friend. At my house. With our crazy boys. And no Jerry to relieve me in the evening. Ya. Leftovers sound good 😉

Tuesday – Dinner with Jerry’s cousin. Not sure where yet. Do we do the obligatory, Primanti Brother’s for first time Pittsburgh visitors?

Wednesday – Crock pot Chicken and Black Bean Tacos

photo from skinny

photo from skinny

Thursday – Dinner at a friend’s house. Not sure what she’ll have me bring yet, but probably just a side or dessert.

Friday – Turkey Hot Dogs – is it bad that I want to just keep with an easy dinner week and doing both hot dogs and hamburgers in the same week? No? I didn’t think so either.

Saturday – Hamburgers

Sunday – Cinnamon Raisin French Toast

photo from

photo from



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