weekend links.

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the boys reading books to william the other morning while i got ready. they’re such good big brothers, entertaining him so i can at least get dressed. and maybe even put on some makeup.

i shared on my instagram that i’m joining Julie from SoCanary on her #wholecanary. i’m giving up sugar, sticking to three meals a day (it will help me keep from emotional eating), planning out the night before what i’m eating (again, to keep from emotional eating, but also, making sure i’m eating a balanced diet) and limiting my flours to only 100% whole grains (and even that limited). i log my food on myfitnesspal.

i ordered these earrings the other day and they should be arriving today. just in time for a date!

this kid on ellen was so cute.

recovering from perfect mom syndrome.

being a n’sync fan growing up, and a current justin timberlake fan, i loved this commercial.

scientists discover why you hate the sound of loud chewing. guilty.

have a great weekend!

weekend links.

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what are you up to this weekend? i have a baby shower to go to saturday morning and then we have some friends coming over for dinner. i think i’m going to unplug from all social media and news all weekend. it’s been quite a mind taxing week.

if you feel so led, please sign this petition to stand in solidarity with refugees. it only takes ten seconds.

the 2017 oscar nominations. i love watching the oscars, although i’m not a huge jimmy kimmel fan. and i’ve seen none of the best picture nominations yet but want to see quite a few of them once they come out on dvd.

speaking of movies… here are the most anticipated movies of 2017. at least according to rolling stone. some i really turn my head at (raw?!, john wick {side note: can morpheus and neo be in a movie together other than the matrix?!] the fate of the furious [what is this, number 9?!]), others i look forward to seeing. logan, kong: skull island (i’ve only seen the preview just from reading this article but it looks interesting), dunkirk, darkest hour. (side note number two: when did i get so in to history?!)

how pretty is this sweater? i love the zipper detail.

a thought provoking article and video from desiring god on the anniversary of roe v. wade.

dick van dyke’s tribute to mary tyler moore.